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tv   [untitled]    November 8, 2012 1:00pm-1:30pm PST

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i'm happy because many of the families that now are renting spaces within our communities that are uninhabitable will have an opportunity to have a good home. and we hope that we can move forward with this quickly so that in the next year we could start building affordable homes. thank you so much. >> thank you very much. anyone else care to address the board on this? okay, seeing none, i know director ramos and director [speaker not understood] have been involved in this. would you like to -- >> certainly. >> sorry, is there somebody else?
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i'm sorry, go ahead. >> pardon me. i just want to express my sincere gratitude to charlie and those engaged in working at this so hard and so long. i'm really excited to get this opportunity to make this happen. i personally have been engaged in my day job with fighting for more affordable housing in our city. i am one of the families that, although my father worked here, we couldn't afford to live here. even today i can barely make ends meet to get my family housed. there are three of us living in a studio apartment. so, i know how difficult it is to find affordable housing. and really excited about this opportunity and looking forward to a partnership with the community and the mayor's office of housing and making this work. so, thank you to all of you and everyone that's worked on this. >> sounds like a motion to me. >> indeed it is. >> [speaker not understood]. >> yes, i shouldn't take anything for being involved. i'm very new to this.
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i checked out the station and it is obviously in need of improvement, [speaker not understood] moving forward with this. >> sounds like a second to me. >> it is. >> just bring up the fact this is such an important connection for city college students to make that area more walkable and the directors might remember we had an e-mail from the city college student a few weeks ago who was complaining about something that probably can help resolve that. his problem was parking at home when he had parked at city college and driving home and getting parking tickets in his neighborhood. i looked at the map and i thought, you know, if we did have more friendly walkable, bikable transit friendly solutions for him, maybe he would be able to save money by not having to own a car. so, it was really exciting to see stuff like this go forward because we address problems that are kind of tangential to this actual space and the solutionses. so, i'm really happy we're moving forward with this. thank you all very much for your hard work on this. >> what was that, we have a motion and second.
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i want to add my thanks to the community leadership here. i know it's been enormous, going on for a long time. all kinds of folks have been involved. we really appreciate the input. the project has worked better because much your involvement. with that all those in favor say aye. >> aye. >> posed no? [speaker not understood]. thank you, great job. >> thank you. >> item 12, authorizing the director to implement route, stop, and day of the week changes on a twenty-four month pilot basis to the 76 marin headlands bus route, and rename the existing line the 76x marin headlands express and providing an update on other transit effectiveness project plans. mr. chairman, before we move on, would you like to take up the motorcycle parking issue? >> oh, yes. sorry. we received a note here after the item on the motorcycle i think it was -- was it 10.7? >> 10.2b. >> that mr. yee misspoke. there are four spaces. actually turns out there are seven spaces for motorcycles. on the basis of that, would members like to reconsider their vote or what is the pleasure of the board? [speaker not understood]. >> no, not for me. >> director, you made the motion on this because of the
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public hearing. >> yes, i think the public hearing, the fact the work was going on to change the unused driveways so it could use curb space. i appreciate the member of the public coming forward and calling this to our attention, but i feel like the process has gone through correctly. >> seeing no one wants to revisit the vote or anything, that will stand. >> thank you, mr. chairman. item 12, authorizing the director to implement route, stop, and day of the week changes on a twenty-four month pilot basis to the 76 marin headlands bus route, and rename the existing line the 76x marin headlands express and providing an update on other transit effectiveness project plans. >> [inaudible]. members have questions or comments at this point? >> i think julie is setting up. >> i thought so. >> are you ready for the presentation?
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>> technical issues. >> yes. i was just going to load it onto the powerpoint. i apologize it wasn't loaded in advance. >> [speaker not understood]. [laughter] >> mr. chairman, would you like to take public comment? you do have public comment on this matter. all right. keith bollenger followed by mary liz harris, and tony ann. >> good afternoon, mr. bollenger. good afternoon, my name is keith. i'm a native san franciscan. i'm here in capacity as john doe citizen. i'd like to say i'm usually a fierce critic of muni, but along with the njuda express and this proposed expansion of the 76, more power to you. i really like the fact this may be improving that. let me relate there is a hostile on the marin head lands. i happen to be a lifetime member. golden gate transit doesn't go
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out there during the week. i'm of modest means. i do not own a motor vehicle. so i've got no means of getting out there. i asked the people who workout there, how do you do? we take a bus to the end of the tunnel and hitch hike. no thank you. so, it blows me away the golden gate transit neglects this transit area within their own territory, their own county. i find it super ironic that muni and the sfmta isn't remedying their lack of foresight. so, i wholly support any efforts to expand service. thank you for your time. >> thank you, sir. next speaker, please. >> mary liz harris, tony ann, susan casey. >> thank you, am i harris. tell owe, mr. chairman and the board of directors. i'm a citizen here in san francisco representing myself * . i have a great love for the marin head lands and my husband and i have pep a little bit of time there. we would spend a whole lot more if it was expanded to the saturday, which is the thing you are talking about * spent.
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we have always had to be sunday at church. i'm with the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints and have a lot of things i have to do on sundays. so, i could not get out to the head lands. there is so much there to learn about the natural history of this area and we went to the marin head lands, i should say the marin mammal center recently. we have a visitor coming from australia that wants to get over there. if you have the bus on saturday, that will be wonderful. and i will appreciate if you have more publicity regarding it because a lot of people don't know that exists. and if we could see like the places where you're going to have the bus stop and the whole schedule, that would be helpful also. and i thank you very much. >> next speaker, please. >> tony ann, followed by susan casey, and then bridget boy lan. is mr. ahn here? no, susan casey. followed by bridget boy lan.
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>> good afternoon, ms. casey. good afternoon. i'm also very excited about having the 76 expanded to saturday. i mainly wanted more information about why we wanted to eliminate stops, what the reasoning was behind that. >> thanks much. next speaker, please. >> last speaker who submitted a card, bridget boy lan. is ms. boy lan here? not. >> thank you very much. members of the board, do you want to do a presentation? we have seen it. speak for myself. >> i'm julie kirsch bum, operations planning manager. i prepared a tp update and presentation on this. if you prefer i could deliver it at the january workshop. it's really up to you. >> pleasure of the board? >> [inaudible]. >> so moved. >> [speaker not understood]. >> i guess you can talk about it. >> i have just a question.
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i don't need the whole presentation. >> director [speaker not understood]. >> apropos to the whole tpe process, i think i gathered this. but it's expanded service on a saturday for this line. and since the whole tep and we've talked about right sizing and priorities and all this, is there a coordinated offset that will sort of make this cost neutral or something like that? or is this just straighten crease in service? -- straight increase in service? >> the answer is twofold. the saturday service is being funded by a grant from the park service * . it is about a 14 to 18-month grant. and then we will have to make a decision as an agency and you'll have to make a decision as a board as to whether or not the ridership, additional ridership justifies the continuation.
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the route restructuring, which is eliminating a segment south of market and doing the stop reductions are intended to address the reliability concerns in a cost-neutral way. so, if we did not make those changes, our only other option would be to add a bus, which would be about a 50% cost increase to this route because we are currently in an unsustainable situation where we're hoping the route can cycle in two hours and it's taking more like 2-1/2. >> so, i guess -- thank you for taking my question. reframing it better, i appreciate that. that's my concern, is that the reconfiguration that we've done is really more to increase reliability in a cost-neutral basis. i'm thinking 18 months ahead when, much to my chagrin, i'll still be in this seat. when you take away service, you get a lot more public comment
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and people arguably order their lives, although saturday excursions are not like people going to work. how would we fund it going forward? could we fund it going forward through route adjustments? or if we decided to go forward with this, would we have to come up with the funds ourselves? >> because of the scale of this change, it is literally two additional buses a week. it is very likely that we could find other efficiencies within the system to pay for this kind of change. going forward, though, the larger tep service changes do recommend an increase in resources and those are something that as a board i know you guys will struggle with as we move into the future. so, for this particular change i'm fairly confident that we could identify something, but the larger -- >> you figured out where i'm going with this, which is as we're considering the entire tep i think it sets a dangerous
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precedent if we reroute one by one. it seems attractive but we have to consider the bigger picture. what i see you saying on this one is, a, 18 months someone else is paying 230er it. and b after 18 months, the righter ship justifies it, we can probably pay for it with nonglobal tep funding, but rather just through further adjustment * . so, would that clarify it and further set the precedent so we don't get one off request or, hey, i want this bus going here on saturday and i want this bus going late? let's not get into that business with the tep pending. i'm happy to move this item. >> motion to move. >> second. >> let me ask a question. has there been any conversation at alan mullally with golden gate transit district? >> yes, we have involved them and we will involve them in our launch. most of the publicity and the promotion that we have planned is in partnership with the ggnra. they're really excited about just having more park access in
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general, and particularly green park access. so, they've been our primary partner on this. >> i think this is fabulous. i look forward to seeing the members who commented on that bus because i use that as a hiking bus as well. and can we make sure that a member of the public that questioned the stop reduction or the route truncating has the correct information so she knows? >> ms. casey. >> ms. casey, so she knows which stops are going to be going where, which part of the route is going where? >> absolutely. i'd be happy to follow-up. our primary focus was to make sure that all transfer points were served and, so, that would be a good rule of thumb. but we'll make sure she has the specific stop. >> also the ridership members, if we get publicity out there for this because i think there is a demand we don't know about, especially as we've seen car ownership among our younger residents go down. i know this is going to be a really attractive way for people to get out of the city on the weekend.
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it will be interesting to watch this. >> . -- thank you, anybody else? we have a motion and second. everybody in support say aye? >> aye. >> opposed the same? we'll have a presentation on tep? in january? i think it will be good to get reminded where we are with all of that * . thank you, ms. kirsch bum, good to see you. >> item 13, authorizing the director to execute amendment no. 1 to contract no. sfmta-2013-08 with new flyer of america, to purchase 17 additional 40-foot low floor diesel-hybrid buses through the cooperative purchasing agreement established by the state of minnesota's materials management division, for an additional amount of $11,780,005, and a total contract amount of $48,669,369. mr. chairman, no members of the public wish to address you on this matter. >> second. >> we have a motion to support this. a second.
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any further discussion? all in favor say aye. >> aye. >> [inaudible]. >> and, mr. chairman, with the cancellation of the closed session, that concludes the business before you. for the record. >> one hour, 19 minutes. thank you very much, everybody. happy election day, we hope. yes, we are closing in memory of [speaker not understood]. okay. thank you very much, everybody. [adjourned]
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mayor lee, supervisors, come on up. and while they are doing that, let's get started. what a beautiful, beautiful day, give yourselves a round of applause. [ applause ] >> fantastic. this is like winning a pennant and how about those san francisco giants. i actually want to marco scutaro wanna be, but it's not going to work and today i will settle formality city librarian luis herr ra and i would like to welcome each and every one of you to our ceremony today. this is indeed a milestone because it's not only the beginning of construction to a new new library, but it's the end of the program, which means it's a long time coming. {$}[ applause ], what it means
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that this is the last project and i want to especially thank. north beach community for your patience, for your persistence and your perseverance to have the state-of-the-art library here in your neighborhood. [ applause ] thank you so much very much. [ applause ] >> let's talk a little bit about this library. it's going to be 60% larger than the other library that sits over there. 60% larger. that means more books, more media, wonderful technology, wi-fi access. if you envision this space and if you look that way you have a wonderful adult area. as you walk in from the mason street side, you have an amazing teen center for all the young adults. absolutely.
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yelling back here, [ applause ] . that was our deputy city librarian, what can we say? a wonderful space for children. this north beach library serves over 30,000 diverse residents and it's way overdue to have a state-of-the-art library. clean it's really a true partnership with our city departments and i want to thank our dpw folks and their team. mindy, lena, fantastic work in managing this project. [ applause ] and another superb partner in phil ginsburg, rec and park, thank you. [ applause ] this is going to be an amazing space that ties together the joe dimaggio park and you will hear more about that. it's wonderful to know that it really creates an amazing civic
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space for north beach and it wouldn't happen wouldn't fantastic support from the community. julie christinsen, a shout out to you. [ applause ] the. so throughout this ceremony, we're going to celebrate and pay tribute to all of the wonderful folks that are making it happen. so without further ado, person that not only has prior director of public works, city administrator and now wonderful mayor for our city; who has been terrifically supportive of our city, mayor ed lee. [ applause ] >> how is everybody doing? [ applause ] [ applause ] well let me begin by saying luis, congratulations but you know, when you are as successful as you are have been with the library commission it's like winning the first world series. we're not just satisfied with
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one project, even though there are 24 of these that have been completed with this one, and the proper use of our library bonds program from beginning from the year 2000 with the great partnership of dpw and so forth. there are more great partnerships to be guilt because guess what we're doing with the bonds that publicly improves, we're honoring these kids' future. this is a place where there is going to be invent, sharing, yes, exploring, meeting, oh, gosh, what else did we miss? >> meeting. >> instructor: yes, meeting and sharing and exploring and inventing and reading. of course. we're just going to have so much of this and i'm so happy to be working with the supervisors who also know this. because we're working together on things that you believe in.
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and i'm waiting for the chance, when board president chiu and scott wiener have their kids and when they come to north beach branch library, they will remember this day, when they bring their kids up to the front and say mayor lee and luis herrera and everybody worked together to get this done. and, by the way, more is to come when we all work together. because today is about a confirmation, the biggest thanks goes to the parents and residents of north beach. ten years it took us to get to this place. a lot of ups and downs and winding and turning. [ applause ] and if it wasn't for people like julie and others, who i met years ago and we looked each other in the eye when i was at dpw and we said we're going to get this done and make it even a better libraries,
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because libraries are centers for our communities. they are seismically safe. they are going to have the most modern equipment for our kids to grow up and promise all of the things that we promised for them to do to become even better residents. the things that keeps me going and everybody else goes in collaboration, we're doing it for you. it's not about us. it's not about announcements, about things that are politically smart for us to do. it's about the future of this city. and with these 24 branches, and now the smart thing to do, connect up with great parks. yes. [ applause ] because the vision, julie didn't have a vision of just having a great center library; right? our neighborhoods aren't just going to accept that to be the end. it's to connect it up with world-class parks. that is what prop b is about
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and why we work together and mohammed comes in and smooths out columbus avenue. because i just road that street and it feels like a construction road [ laughter ] we have got to get all of these roads built and this is what scott wiener and others works on:we have the opportunity to unite everybody and it's up to us in government to have listened carefully, and be responsible with your money and get the job done. are we ready to get the job done? >> yes! are we ready to build the future for your kids? >> yes. >> are we ready to support the great parks in san francisco with proposition b? >> yes! let's go forward and keep another world series and escambia keep our san francisco successful! thank you, mr. mayor, we're going to have a celebration this morning. he reminded me it's about community spaces too. so take
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a moment and look up. look up. because that is where the meeting room will be on the second floor with after-hour access for all the poets and all the kids' story times and various activities. it's going to be fantastic. we want to continue our theme of partnerships and teamwork by acknowledging the great staff that has put it all together and it's going to continue to offer services here in the neighborhood at our current library. and i see robert carlson, robert, would you wave? he is a great community advocate here and does a terrific job. [ applause ] other members of the team, begining with our chief of branches, edward melton, edward, great work. [ applause ] elsie wong, another district manager helping to put it all together. thank you for the fantastic job you do. more partners from our city family. i know our attorney team john
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is here. congratulations for all the hard work, as well as michael. thank you for helping us through the entire environmental impact reports and all that took many, many years of dedicated work. we really appreciate that. and without further ado, terrific tenure, president of the board, district supervisor david chiu, thank you so much. [ applause ] >> thank you. >> good morning. the sun is shining on north beach today. i am so happy to be here. i think it's amazing that in the week that we celebrate the giants, we are also celebrating a real tribute to the best baseball legend in history, joe dimaggio! [ applause ]
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as our librarian just said, the very first meeting i took, even before he was sworn-in, after i was elected was about this library. and i got to tell you, that was only four years of a ten-year struggle. there have been hundreds of meetings coming together. there are high school students today who were preschool students when we started this conversation. and i have to tell you as we all know, it takes a village to raise our kids, but it has taken many villages to build this library. i want to start first and foremost by thanking three mothers, who helped to lead friends of joe dimaggio, julie christinsen, lizzy diaz and lizziehurst, thank you for all you have done. [ applause ] and i also want to take a
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moment and thank all of the parents who are here of all the different schools that we have. yes, franklin middle school, garflied, st. peter and paul, what am i missing? sherman, telegraph hill. thank you all for what you are doing. i also want to thank those who have been advocating for our seniors and disabled, our parks advocates, our library advocates and of course our city staff. we have a lot of acronyms, dpw, ruark, our mayor, planning, thank all for what you have done. [ applause ] . let me just close by saying that our work is not done. and if you remember we had opponents who fought this library. who delayed our being here by years, by millions of dollars and by lawsuits. is some of them may be running to be supervisor of district 3.
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and some of them are opposing proposition b. boo. >> boo. >> they are fighting our kids. they are fighting our families and they are fighting the next generations, but shame on them. that is right. so let me just say we have done a lot of chants in san francisco like let's go giants. i have another one for you, let's go prop b, let's go joe d. are you ready, kids? let's go probb, let's go joe d. let's go prop b, let's go joe d. thank you so much. [ applause ] >> all right, is there high-energy today? fantastic. a couple of other colleagues, peers in the city family, tom, who is our arts
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commission executive director. thank you for joining us. we have a partnership in the arts commission that every new building has public art. i don't know if our artist for north beach is here, bill fontana, we're excited about his work and the opportunity to have beautiful art as part of the project. so bill, thank you. also, we talked about how important access is to our neighborhood libraries and today we have our acting director in the mayor's office of disability, carla johnson. carla. thank you for joining us. thank you for being here today. [ applause ] our next supervisor who also does not need much of an introduction because he is at every single library opening. a terrific staunch supporter and advocate for public libraries supervisor scott wiener. thank you for joining us [ applause ] . >> thank you, luis and


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